A Beginner’s Guide to White-Label Payment Gateways

The optimal payment gateway for mobile apps and websites – both customer-built and template-based. Each client’s specific fees and expenses are negotiated, and they depend on the volume of transactions, the product they choose, and the integration style they like. Explore a recent article by Dwayne Gefferie on why white-label platforms present a practical entry path into the payments space for startups and legacy institutions. Consolidated and easy-to-manipulate data management to keep you in full control over data from various payment channels. Expand your business into new international markets by offering cutting-edge technology fine-tuned to the needs of a specific niche.

white label payment gateway

White-label payment gateways help businesses improve their payment experience and reshape the way that they conduct online transactions. Below, we’ll explore this technology and provide insight into the advantages of white-label payment gateways. EComCharge is an experienced team of specialists in white label payment gateway developing and support for e-commerce market. Our team has been developing white label payment gateways for more than 13 years. The white-label gateway solution works under the buyer’s brand and therefore the problems with such software can damage the company’s reputation. Also, not all white-label payment gateways have the ability to be customized to your business needs.

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In many cases, buying a white-label solution can mean that you get a finished product without the ability to add any features. If you need to add a rare function, choose a software vendor that provides the ability to customize the solution. PayPipes offers a technical solution to adapt the payment gateway to the company’s brand and color so that customers can easily navigate regardless of their payment channel or country. In this way, financial professionals can use the payment gateway system to serve customers who open Bank accounts and business accounts to process business transactions. Since white label payment processing is on the rise, software providers provide services to many clients.

white label payment gateway

Non-deliverable Forward Ndf s are quite beneficial for numerous marketplaces around the world. These platforms allow every merchant to sell goods and offer online services. As soon as thousands of transactions run securely through the payment gateway, the payment system should operate with a high load and without interruptions. It is a software through which merchants can receive payments for their products from clients online. White label payment gateway is a ready-made solution that allows businesses or brands to start processing payments under their own brand using the third-party technical infrastructure. Providers of payment services get the most benefits from white-label payment solutions.

What are your fees? Do you charge a monthly, per-transaction, or setup fee?

The goal is to increase conversion rates and save on processing costs, giving clients a competitive edge in the market. Braintree is a PayPal-owned merchant services provider that offers payment processing services for mobile apps and websites. Like Stripe, Braintree has an advanced API that developers can use to customize checkout and payment pages. WePay offers a white-label payments integration on top of its standard payments platform. The Clear service helps businesses integrate WePay into their websites and checkouts without redirecting customers.

Additionally, the company also offers Payment Team as a Service, providing comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way. Redirecting to a third-party payment gateway raises questions and suspicions for several users when customers are trying to make online payments. This is particularly applicable to customers who have come to your website for the first time and need more clarification about the site’s credibility. This could be one of the most significant reasons you face high cart abandonment rates. We believe it makes the most sense to start by understanding what you want to accomplish in general and what your business wants specifically. We provide our partners with the opportunity to offer its clients a cryptocurrency payment platform, all under its own brand and for all types of goods and services.

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It is easy to implement and offers multiple advantages at a reasonable price to payment service providers (PSPs), financial institutions, and merchants worldwide. The advantages of white label payment gateways include quicker time-to-market, cost-effectiveness, enhanced customer trust through consistent branding, and the ability to focus on core business. Additionally, these gateways can handle multiple currencies and languages, enabling businesses to expand their reach and access international markets. A payment gateway is a technology that businesses use to accept and process online payments. It acts as the bridge between a customer’s payment method – such as credit cards, digital wallets or bank transfers – and a business’s merchant account, transferring funds quickly and securely. Ikajo is a large company providing different types of payment processing solutions, including a white-label payment gateway.

white label payment gateway

Both of these disadvantages are solvable if you work with reliable white-label payment gateway providers. A high-quality white-label payment gateway will be useful for almost every company involved in payment services. A functional solution for the automation of online transactions is able to bring provided services to a fundamentally new level. As we said earlier, a good white-label payment gateway solution implies the possibility of customization to your business needs.

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We invite you to explore how UniPay can empower your business to reach its full potential. It also has multiple payment technologies to manage multi-channel transaction flow easily. With a re-brandable system, Akurateco allows customization of every aspect, from the payment page and admin panel URLs to logos, buttons, and reports. Explore more about the state-of-the-art Akurateco White-Label Payment Gateway here.

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Gatewyeast’s White-Label Payment Gateway Solution is completely customisable and ready for you to start your own payment gateway business. Easy Management of every module reinforces your PSP Business with a seamless solution. Furthermore, get an accurate reporting and invoicing system to become a precise payment service provider. Explore a suite of software solutions designed to support and enhance your payment operations.


If the provider falls short somehow, it affects your business directly. That is why choosing a reliable and reputable payment partner is crucial. Our White Label software is used and tested in accordance with the latest security standards.

  • These are tweaked and proven solutions from reputable and well-established companies that you can re-brand with your brand’s unique attributes, such as logos, colors, and style.
  • There are many different solutions on the market today and the factors listed below will help you choose the one that is right for you.
  • White label payment gateway allows entrepreneurs to start their operation from day one without developing and maintaining a payment system on their own.
  • However, in order to show the full picture, it is necessary to mention a few disadvantages as well.
  • Customers tend to spend a significant amount of time on the payment page trying to figure out which method to use or entering the card details.

Your merchants can start integrated payment processing—and you can start monetizing payments—quickly and easily with WePay. Payment orchestration platform offering, among other things, a white-label payment gateway. This is a white-label payment orchestrator distributed on the SaaS model. The company offers a functional solution with fraud protection, a billing system, and an analytical module. The payment gateway can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

It empowers them to establish a strong brand presence and gain a competitive edge in the market. Our clients are PSPs that are looking to start their business or move from an old to a new platform, as well as banks, that need software to manage merchants efficiently. White-label payment gateways are designed with security and compliance at their core. They employ advanced encryption technologies, fraud detection mechanisms and other security features to safeguard customer data. They are also built to comply with industry standards and regulations, taking this burden off your shoulders.

All of our secure and easy integration tools can be fully White Labelled for our Partners. The integration tools include sample code; test cards; test accounts; and on-demand support from our responsive support team of experienced technicians. We have developed and honed ready-to-use integration kits to speed up and refine the process of getting started for you and your merchants.