5 Money Saving Tips To Consider Before You Hire A Christmas Photo Booth!


The Christmas season puts a lot of monetary stress on businesses as they need to budget towards paying for Christmas parties, entertainment and bonuses (the latter is you are lucky!). It’s no surprise that companies are forever on the lookout for money saving deals and discounts that may let their budgets stretch towards covering everything required for the much awaited christmas party.

If you are planning on having a photo booth as part of the entertainment at an upcoming Christmas Party then the following five money saving tips are worth considering before you hire one.


1. Ask For Weekday Package Deals

Most photo booth hire companies are busiest on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (Weekends). If your party happens to fall on a weekday then take advantage of this by requesting for weekday photo booth hire deals when you contact your supplier of choice. The weekday deals can save you between 10% – 35% off the standard hire cost.


2. Opt For Photostrip Prints

It is no surprise that most photo booth packages will include double prints as there will likely be more than 1 person in the photo booth at a time. Having double prints included in your package increases the hire cost. To reduce the cost of the package you can request a tailored package that does not have postcard style prints. Opt for the photo strip prints as they print doubles as standard.

3. Green screens Are Overrated, Opt For A Classic Backdrop

If you are on a budget, you can skip the Green screen option and stick to the standard white, black and red backdrops. The standard backdrops give a timeless look to your photos and they will save you from paying up to 20% more to have the Green screen feature.

4. Hire A Photo Booth Which Is Unmanned 

Most photo booth packages will have a professional booth attendant included in the package. It costs more to have a member of staff physically man the booth throughout the hire. 

5. Opt for A Trusted Photo Booth Company

We have had many clients contact us on the day of their event for a booth because they opted for a supplier whose prices seemed too good to be true and bolted with their money. Cheap is not always better. Always pay the market rate so that you can have a trusted company turn up and provide the service promised. I cant highlight on this enough. In the end you avoid having to pay extra to have a last minute photo booth hire service.


Following any of the above money saving routes will help you cut down on costs towards your Christmas Party. These tips will work also for those after a wedding photo booth hire  or a party photo booth hire  for an upcoming event. I hope these tips come in handy whatever the occasion.  If you require an Igloo photo booth, photo pod or standard booth for your upcoming event you can contact us for a no obligation quote.

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