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Your Questions Answered

Do I Have to Pay a Deposit?

Yes, a small £95 refundable deposit within 7 days at the time of booking. For your peace of mind and ours, just so we can get arrangements into place.

Do You Charge Transport Costs?

FREE DELIVERY comes with every quote as standard regardless of our journey! London, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham + more…we’ve got you covered!

What Is The Picture Quality Like?

We only use top of the range, professional, studio quality camera equipment to ensure that not a detail is missed on your photographs and prints.

Will There Be An Attendant?

Yes, we provide a fully qualified and trained professional with the booth, who will complete the set-up process and help out where necessary, allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment and every photo.

Can I Personalise Photos?

Yes you can! We have a range of different print styles, with the ability to add text, frames and much more to each one of the photographs, making it that bit more special and unique.

Are You Insured?

Can’t believe you doubted us! We have public liability insurance and all of our equipment is tested, exceeding health and safety regulations – we’re extra cautious when it comes to this stuff.

What do we need to set-up and run?

There are only a few things we ask and they are:

• Available space, we ask for a 2mx2m space.

• One Electric Main Socket.

We do all the rest…


Can I customise the booth features?

Yes you can! Our features can be swapped and replaced with anything on our feature list, creating a custom booth to your needs/wants. Get in touch for a custom quote!

How big are the booths?

Our top of the range booths are:

Height: 2.0 Meters Tall

Width: 1.3 Meters Wide

Length: 2.3 Meters Long