The Emergence of the GIF Photo Booths 


Are you looking for a GIF photo booth  to create a digitally fun, breathtaking and memorable experience at your next Corporate or Private Event? If the answer is YES then you are in for a treat as the GIF booth gives you all the features of Snaptcha in an enclosed booth!

GIF photo booths

A GIF is typically a series of still snaps put together and then animated. Our GIF Booth works more or less like our regular photo booths but adds an extra feature by taking flattering HD photos and then animating them.With a GIF, you can create animations that are interesting, attention grabbing, and funny through posing and moving as the photos are being captured. The GIF content will always stand out after it is shared on  social media platforms.

Animated GIF photo booth

Our GIF photo booth allows you to take as many pictures as you would wish in every session. We in return produce a branded custom printout converting those images into a branded animated GIF. The GIF allows you to control the speed of animation in your picture and allows you to have both the foreground and background animation move independently. The GIF photo booth allows you to convert all your Gif into an Instagram-friendly video format before sending it to the user.

How GIFs work on social media platforms

You can share GIFs directly from the GIF booth. Guests in our GIF booth can share their GIFs directly from our Booth to their Twitter, email, and Facebook accounts. The social media posts always have a client customized message that can not be altered by the guests using the booth. Sharing GIFs on social media platforms will increase brand awareness for Corporate clients who want to increase their brand presence on these platforms.

Suitable events for GIF photo booths

The GIF photo booth can be used for most events such as Corporate, Private Parties, Weddings, Charity Nights, Awards Ceremonies, Exhibitions, Product Launch, etc

If you are interested in having one of the GIF booths at your event then the give the Snaptcha Team a call or drop us an email and we will tailor our services to your event to make it fun and memorable.

Snaptcha provides  bespoke traditional photobooth and Magic Mirror photobooth services in London, Birmingham, West Midlands and all major towns and cities in the UK. Click here to visit our homepage to make an enquiry for your next event. Alternatively, you can email us for an instant quote!