Platinum Club Conference (Dataselect)



Photo Booth Event Name – Platinum Club Conference (Dataselect)
This is a bi-annual go-to event for the UK’s leading B2B reseller customers. The Platinum Clubs This bi-annual events are some of the most anticipated in the UK mobile and tech sector. Supported by the world’s leading brands and attended by 100+ delegates. The proven format for the day balances a unique blend of insight, inspiration, innovation and the ability to kick back and relax.
Event Date – Wednesday 8th May 2019
Set Up Venue – The Belfry Hotel & Resort, Lichfield Rd, Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield B76 9PR
Event Type  – Conference
Photo Booth Type – Branded Enclosed Oval Booth
Photo Booth Package – Corporate Single Branded Booth Package
Backdrop Choice – Classic Timeless Black
Photo Frame Type – Photo Strip
Snaptcha provides  bespoke traditional photobooth and Magic Mirror photobooth services in London, Birmingham, West Midlands and all major towns and cities in the UK. Click here to visit our homepage to make an enquiry for your next event. Alternatively, you can email us for an instant quote!

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